Lets talk lettuce

I love lettuce.  I have done some research and I think I want to grow these 2 types.  I had something like the tango last year and loved it.  It grew very quickly each time I harvested it to.  I actually grew to much and was giving it away to all my neighbors and anyone that came by the house.  Below the pictures i posted a reference of the different kinds of lettuce for the people, like me, who really have no idea.  Plus its a good reference for me as well to go back on.

52 days. Lactuca sativa. Plant produces good yields of dark green color leaf lettuce. It resembles endive in appearance. This variety is rich in vitamins and has a tangy flavor.


45 days. Lactuca sativa. Plant produces flavorful glossy dark green loose leaf type lettuce. Leaves are frilled, crinkled, and crisp. A fast maturing slow to bolt semi-heading looseleaf lettuce. Excellent for salads and garnishes.


With so many types of lettuce to choose from, home gardeners will never become bored with this garden favorite. Lettuce types are separated into Butterhead, Cos (Romaine), Crisphead, Loosehead (Leaf) and Mixed. These varieties within those types are listed below.  http://home.howstuffworks.com/lettuce2.htm

Butterhead varieties:

  • Bibb, harvest at 75 days, has a delicate-flavored, dark green, open head.
  • Buttercrunch, harvest at 75 days, is an All America Selection with compact heads and a buttery texture; it can tolerate some heat.

Cos (Romaine) varieties:

  • Little Gem, harvest at 65 days, gives early, compact, and productive plants.
  • Paris Island, harvest at 70 days, is the standard romaine type; it has 10-inch heads and resists bolting.

Crisphead varieties:

  • Great Lakes, harvest at 90 days, produces a large, full head that will tolerate some heat.
  • Iceberg, harvest at 85 days, is compact with a light green color.

Loosehead (Leaf) varieties:

  • Green Ice, harvest at 45 days, has crisp, sweet, heavily ruffled green leaves.
  • Red Salad Bowl, harvest at 50 days, produces finely divided, dark burgundy leaves.
  • Oak Leaf, harvest at 50 days, is a heat-tolerant, deeply lobed, dark green leaf variety.
  • Majesty, harvest at 50 days, is deep purple-red.


  • Many mixed lettuces are now available. Summer Glory contains 7 heat-resistant varieties.

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