Beer Cheese

Anyone else like this stuff?  I love it to death but its about 6$ for a tube the size of this.  They sell Halls beer cheese around here that started at a great restaurant called Halls on the River.  If you still go to Halls the beer cheese is good, The stuff you get elsewhere is not near as good.   Ive tried making this before and never had any luck.  It was to bitter, thick, thin, sweet, harsh, and/or inedible.  I had a client bring some by before Christmas and it was awesome.  She was in today and i ask her for here recipe.  From her mouth:

20lbs of soft chedder

1 jigger of Garlic

1 jigger of cayenne pepper

1 beer

Mix it all in abowl by hand and package it up.

How much is a jigger you say?  45 mil.  I think thats about 1/2 an ounce.  On second hand it may be 1.5 ounces.  You may want to check on that.


3 thoughts on “Beer Cheese

  1. No never made it. I might this year but probably not. Benedictine is something else i like and may try it too.

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