Beans Beans the musical fruit

What kind of beans to plant?  You know I find it quite amazing at how many varieties there are or beans.   I’ve been reading this and reading that.  I think every time I find a bean I like ill post it here in this post.  A viewable reminder if you will.   I cant wait until next year when I can use my own pictures and have my own descriptions of what I think the the things I grow taste like.  I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions but I will enjoy it even more doing it myself.

Purple podded pole Bean.  Now come on, you cant get any better than a purple bean.

European heirloom discovered by Henry Fields in an Ozark garden in the 1930s. Plants climb vigorously to 6′ and are extremely productive. High quality, meaty, stringless 1/2″ by 5″ reddish-purple pods blanch to light green. Pole habit. Certified Organic. (68 days)

I live in KY and I eat in KY so the KY Wonder Bean should be a good Choice.

Popular, heavy producing Pole Bean. Excellent for eating fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young. Makes a good shell bean when left to mature fully. Approximately 66 days to maturity

Henderson’s Black Valentine
53 days. Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson & Co., this excellent fresh snap bean has tasty pods.
Also makes a fine dry soup bean. Great yields! Any seed that has “Henderson’s” name on it just has to be good— that’s why we offer so many of his fine varieties throughout our catalog. A perfect all-purpose pole bean!

Lima Bean info came from

Fordhook 242 Bush Lima
80 days
— This is an improved variety of the old W. Atlee Burpee release that was an “All-American Selection®” winner in 1945.  developed by the USDA, Beltsville, MD. The plants are sixteen to twenty inches with pods containing three to five large, flat greenish-white seeds.  Good for northern and maritime climates.

These look like good ole Lima Beans

70 days — It is also known as ‘Henderson’s Dwarf’, ‘Henderson’s Baby Lima’, and ‘Earliest Bush Lima’.

An old-time favorite used for canning, freezing and dry.  The seeds dry to a creamy white.  The erect, bushy plants are reliable and set pods until frost.

I want a salad when I look at this picture.  I wonder how they taste raw?  I bet they would be great on a salad.

Jackson Wonder Lima
68 days
— This heirloom originated on the farm of Thomas Jackson near Atlanta, Georgia in the 1880s.  The three inch pods are set on twenty to twenty four inch plants and contain three to five seeds that are light brown splattered with purplish-brown.  Does well even in dry, hot weather.  Good as a butterbean or dried for soups.  Not for sure about these but we may give them a chance.

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