Planning for the Garden next Year

Edible Flowers – I think im going to try some of these just to see how they are.  I love salads and other raw greens so I think it will turn out good.

Borage Has lovely cornflower blue star-shaped flowers. Blossoms have a cool, cucumber taste. Wonderful in punches, lemonade, gin and tonics, sorbets, chilled soups, and dips. I don’t drink but lemonade is good so are most dips.

Dandelions Member of Daisy family. Flowers are sweetest when picked young, and just before eating. They have a sweet, honey-like flavor. Mature flowers are bitter. Dandelion buds are tastier than the flowers: best to pick these when they are very close to the ground, tightly bunched in the center, and about the size of a small gumball. Good raw or steamed. Also made into wine. Young leaves taste good steamed, or tossed in salads. When serving a rice dish use dandelion petals like confetti over the rice. Ive heard of people eating these and ive heard they are good.

Day Lilies Slightly sweet with a mild vegetable flavor, like sweet lettuce or melon. Their flavor is a combination of asparagus and zucchini. Chewable consistency. Some people think that different colored blossoms have different flavors. To use the surprisingly sweet petals in desserts, cut them away from the bitter white base of the flower. Also great to stuff like squash blossoms. Flowers look beautiful on composed salad platters or crowning a frosted cake. Sprinkle the large petals in a spring salad. In the spring, gather shoots two or three inches tall and use as a substitute for asparagus. NOTE: Many Lilies contain alkaloids and are NOT edible. Day Lilies may act as a diuretic or laxative; eat in moderation. now im a pretty boy anyways and love growing flowers.  So not only will I be growing something beautiful but possible something that will go great on salads.

Lavender Sweet, floral flavor, with lemon and citrus notes. Flowers look beautiful and taste good too in a glass of champagne, with chocolate cake, or as a garnish for sorbets or ice creams. Lavender lends itself to savory dishes also, from hearty stews to wine-reduced sauces. Diminutive blooms add a mysterious scent to custards, flans or sorbets. NOTE: Do not consume lavender oil unless you absolutely know that it has not be sprayed and is culinary safe. this is something i was just talking with Emily about as well.  I love the smell of lavender as it is.  This will most definitely be grown.

Mint The flavor of the flowers is minty, with different overtones depending on the variety. Mint flowers and leaves are great in Middle Eastern dishes.  I can actually get this free from my parents farm.  I think it would grow well around my rain barrels seeing how they all just overflow were they site.  What is the old saying? the grass is always greener by the water barrel.

Yucca Petals The white Yucca flower is crunchy with a mildly sweet taste (a hint of artichoke). in the spring, they can be used in salads and as a garnish.  I would assume this is the same flower that grown ont he yucca bushes at the farm.  I did not know they were edible and will be trying them when They come into bloom.

Most of this info came from most of this stuff ive never heard of and cant wait for the next growing season.

Anyone know a good place to buy seeds on the Internet? I found a place on eBay that seemed to be ok.  The prices seemed fair. I couldn’t resist and bought some of these.


One thought on “Planning for the Garden next Year

  1. Now that sounds like a cool idea…I’ll be anxious to hear how this turns out! I’ve made dandelion wine, and for what it’s worth, it was very edible!

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