Failed at #5

Due to the fact that 8 nuts on my truck were tightened by that hands of God I was unable to get anyting done I wanted to.  I think I will be taking the truck to SandS tires and I exhaust all means trying to get the parts apart i needed.

Seems not much of anything in going on around here.  I did get botht hte horses out.  I got the “ag” tires on the rear of the one tractor that will undoubtabley bee a work tractor.  Ive got a plow and disk, as well as, a set of cultivators for these tractors but our lot is really just to small to use them.   I know this girl looks ugly but it will pull anything I want.  While I was out messing with the tractors I got a few wagon loads of leaves out of the yard.  Something else to add to the compost pile.

Maggie is all about swinging,  I was pushing her the same hieghth as Jackson and it didnt seem to bother her at all.  She is close to setting up but still has a little ways to go.  i can wait.  Shes starting to get frustrated that she cant do it.  Shes tired of being on her back and shes tired of being on her stomack.


2 thoughts on “Failed at #5

  1. What a pretty baby. I can’t believe you had possums IN the house!!! I tell you if that happens I will learn to love the taste of possum!

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