#2 Complete

Ive not been posting nearly as much about the minifarm as id like.  Its been cold outside and Im not much for working in the cold.  I did manage to get another bin added to the compost area between rain showers today.  The both are about ta third of the way full.  My system this time of year is to add the daily scraps and every so often spread staw on it.  Ill then through a layer of leaves fromt he other bin on top.  Ill repeat the whole thing until summer.  Ill keep these 2 bin and flip the compost daily from one bin to another until its realy.  Completed compost will co into a 3rd bin(not yet built) until its needed.  Current green matter and scraps will be in a forth bin(also not built).  I got the idea to use pallets from another blog.  Cant remember which one.  Seemed like a great idea since I can get pallets for free. Sorry about the crappy picture but it was taken fromt he kitchen.


2 thoughts on “#2 Complete

  1. The organic matter breaks down and forms like a fertilizer for the garden. Duane, are you out there with a better explaination?

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