Christmas morning is going good.  Maggie is happy as can be but Jackson is going through a little meltdown.  I guess alot of kids have fits on Christmas.  I didnt think my family did until I called my mother.  I ask here if we had fits when we were younger.  Well sure you all did.  Whoda thunk it.    Jackson likes his kitchen but would rather spend more time in it than using it.  Boys – what can you say.  We are getting ready for my parents to come over.  After that we will have a little break and then nap time.

On Edit – my parents just left and all is good.  Jackson wanted to go with them so amen and away he went.  We are getting ready to goto the farm and help prepare dinner.  Well ill watch tv but Emily will help.


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  1. The merrier the Christmas the earlier the meltdown. Good job, Santa. How overwhelming it must be to know someone snuck in your house while you slept and left you wonderful presents you didn’t even know you wanted!

  2. Awwww…I think kids do some holiday melting down for real. A co-worker of mine said her little one (5 yrs old) seemed to have ‘baby depression’ for a day or two after Christmas. Probably fatigue. I’m sure feeling it.

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