Hodge Podge of Updates

Still messing around with the layout so I can only assume it will change a few more times.   Real busy around the Cobb household tonight and tomorrow.  Getting ready for Christmas here and Christmas at my Grandmothers.  I’m still mad about the drive home.  We got a thin layer of Ice that appeared in a very short time.  There were countless wrecks in Lexington and 17 here in Georgetown.  It took 2 ours to get home.  I went here – wreck,  went there – wreck.  Finally I started to go in any direction that wasn’t blocked.  Ive got several days off and I hope to get some stuff done around here.

1.  Fix the plumbing so we can use the dishwasher again.

2.  Add another bin to the compost area.

3. Unload the straw from my truck left over from the Christmas parade.

4.  Survive the holidays

5. Do some minor work to my truck.

6. Try to fix some of the formatting issues with the import of my old blog to WordPress.

This isnt a massive list so I should be able to get it all done.  We will see and Ill keep everyone updated.


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