Little Sir

We have been very bust this week, I worked 3 days in a row, (ah! the joys of being PRN, no work for a week and half and then, more work than I want). and that just totally takes us a day or two to re-coup from. We are ready for Christmas (besides wrapping, I hate wrapping and have not wrapped one single thing, not one!). I wanted to take some time to introduce you properly to my children. I’ll start with Little Sir. I guess the best way to tell you about him is to describe our adventure yesterday at the Library’s holiday story time. There were 2 rows of chairs set up in front of the children’s section with a small table and 3 chairs at the front for the librarians. After Little Sir had walked around (by himself, I was parked in a seat nursing Princess), and ‘met’ everyone and inspected their stuff it was getting closer to time for the program to start. So, Little Sir being who he is walked up to the front table and sat down, at the head chair, and started reading the books up there! One of the librarians was not to nice about it and kept trying to get him down, but he was saved by the nice librarian who just picked him up and parked him in her lap and let him help with story time. During story time, Little Sir payed attention well while he was sitting with the librarian, then decided to get down and check out the stereo, and the felt board and the musical instruments, all in the front of the room. I had met a few friends there with their similar aged children, all of whom were sitting quietly with their mothers, paying attention to the books being read….while my kid was in the front of the room shaking morracas. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all embarrased by kids, it just cracks me up, Little Sir feels to me like this bright ball of light and energy just flitting around a room. Finally, sotry time was over and the ‘real’ show began, Santa came out! This did incite some activity in the other children as all the parents and kids lined up to see Santa. I got in the line, figuring little Sir would find me to have his turn. In the rush to get in line I lost sight of him and start to get a bit worried after not being able to spot him for a couple minutes, so I stepped out of line to look for him and found him..on santa’s lap, of course! He was saying “ho ho ho” which due to his speech issues comes out “oh oh oh” and Santa would not say it back, so as I am walking up front to rescue Santa, Little Sir props himself up on his knees (still on Santa’s lap) and says “HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” right in his face! Luckily, Santa finally got it and said ho ho ho right back to him and we were able to make a swift escape and head home! The pic on this post is myself, and Little Sir and Princess, asleep in her mei-tai.


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