Busy, Busy, Busy

So, Daddy was out of town all weekend at a work conference/Christmas party an hour away. I didn’t go because the kids, especially Princess aren’t ready to be away from me for that long (and plus the logistics of breastmilk and pumping made my head spin). So that left me with 2 small children, all weekend, by myself. Fun times. Hats off to single mothers, I can’t imagine never having a break, some time off, some me time, even if it is just 5 quiet minutes to recharge my brain. So, Daddy made it back to us on Sunday morning, a very unusually warm December day. We took the kids to the park and Princess was big enough (sort of) to swing and have her first real park experience, she loved it! and Little Sir loved that she playing with him. There was a group of 3 middle elementary school-aged kids there and Little Sir is so funny around other kids, he runs around near them, not with them, and won’t speak to them but it is obvious that he thinks he is playing with him. He is a hoot! Here is a pic of the kids swinging together at the park.


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