Taking care of Mama

I have been guilty of putting everyone else’s needs before my own, many, many times. It is too easy to do! Tell me what you would do in this scenerio, you are making fish for your family, they all turn out perfectly. While tranferring them to a serving platter, one piece crumbles a little. Who do you serve that piece too? Yourself! Everyone does it, I think, it’s natural to want to make everyone else comfortable and happy even if it means sacrificing yourself in the process. I have vowed to treat myself better, I deserve it, and my family needs to see me as a person who needs nice things and deeds, not as just “that mama who fixes everything”. Last night, no one was feeling great (except me, I don’t have time for a cold!). Daddy said he didn’t want any dinner, and he meant it. Little Sir had been begging for cereal all day, so I made him some cereal, and set him up in front of a movie to relax. Then, I caught myself (starving!)standing in front of the pantry, about to open a breakfast bar, I was going to repeat my typical lunch of stand around the kitchen and eat bits and pieces of whatever I find thats handy. I was able to convince myself to stop and take a minute for myself to create a nice meal. So I did, I defrosted and warmed up some leftover meatballs, had some crackers and individually wrapped soft cheese (baybel) grapes and carrots. I sat at the table by myself and ate, it was so nice! My daily resolution is to take 5 minutes to lotion myself. I get such dry skin in the winter and realize it is SO pathetic that I have not been able to find 5 minutes of my day to do something as simple as put some lotion on myself!


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