While pregnant and TTC Princess, I went on a massive decluttering streak, we cleaned out garbage cans full of just junk! It was so liberating! I have noticed that some of that clutter is starting to creep back in. Because Princess is still so little I’ve decided to just clean things out one small cabinet/shelf at a time. Today I did the cabinet next to my stove. This cabinet is home to cooking “extras” the kinds of things that don’t belong in my baking cabinet or aren’t used often enough to warrent a spot on my spice rack. Things like, bread crumbs, pudding mixes, those cute little flavoring packets you find pre-made at the farmer’s market, ranch dip seasoning, italian dressing mix (yummm…..pasta salad! Is summer soon?). This cabinet was packed full of stuff, and apparently was missed during my original decluttering streak. In it I found, evaporated milk (pre-Little Sir I rarely had milk in the house and needed this) that was expired in March 2004, so I thought it time to throw that away! I found 3 cake mixes and 6 tubs of frosting, how did that happen? So, i threw away the expired food, put other stuff in a box for our local food pantry and got that cabinet clean! I’ve included a before, during and after pics. I declutter by completely emptying the space, wiping it down, then going through stuff. I am not able to effectivley clear stuff out unless I can see it all in a big pile.


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