The Little Things – meet the players

This is my new blog. My name is Emily, I’m a nurse who works PRN (as needed) a few days a week at a nursing home. Been married to Daddy for 7 years. We live downtown in a small town in Kentucky where Daddy is from. We moved here 5 years ago after he got out of the military. We have 2 children, Little Sir is 2 and a half and a very busy little boy. He loves trucks, trains, coloring, and Dora. Princess is 5 months old and a tiny sweetheart, she smiles all the time and we all (especially Little Sir) love getting her to coo and laugh and watching her roll over. Both of our children have some special needs that make our home even busier!

I’ve created this blog to share with other mamas and papas about how we have made a conscious decision to make our family time happy and joyful. We take pride and allow ourselves to get excited about the little things.

As the Household Manager, I am also excited to share with you the orgainizational tools I have created for myself to keep this busy household running smoothly. Especially my meal planning techniques, in the last couple of years I have gone from Kraft mac and cheese every other night to creating new and exciting recipies that we all love! (I still make the ‘blue box’ on occasion though).

WARNING: I am a very liberal person who practices attachment parenting, if this may offend you, here is the door!


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