We’ve started doing all of the fun Chistmas traditions around here. Getting a live tree (they were cheaper than usual this year, signs of a recession, i guess?) and decorating it together. This year I was able to put our hot chocolate in the mugs to my new christmas dishes set! I am so excited about these dishes, I have wanted them for years, my mom has wanted to buy them for me for years. We had a hard time finding a classic santa-type print, last year everything we saw was blue snowflakes and snowmen, the year before that everything was silvery and gold. Finally for this Christmas season they had some traditional type prints and the always christmasy red and green! I can’t wait to serve Christmas morning breakfast on these.

We also have a collection of Christmas books we read (I’d like to eventually have 24, one for every day in December and end with the night before Christmas on Christmas eve). We were able to ride in a float this year on the Christmas parade, despite the high temp of 25 F we had a blast! Santa rode behind our float on a fire truck and Little Sir waved at him the entire time! I guess the kid knows where his bread is buttered! Some good friends of ours orgainized this parade and pulled the float so luckily Princess was able to ride in the car pulling the float. I don’t know how I would have kept her warm enough.

Here are some pictures of our decorations and family activities.


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