Catching up

So, this idea for this blog has been swirling around my head for quite some time now, I just never actually got down to business! I had been taking pics of some things here and there with the thought “oh that will be good for the blog” (and as Daddy kept saying, “what blog???’). SO, now that I finally have the blog, I thought I’d catch up, so to speak and post some of those pictures.

On the left, you see me holding Princess next to Thanksgiving dinner!

On the right is a picture of Snack Night! We try to do this once a week around here, fun snacks and movies. Typically we do it on Friday night, but last week when this picture was taken, Daddy had called home and said he needed a fun snack night, so we bumped it up. Going Clockwise, you see Triscuits with cheese and pepperoni, melted in the oven. Next are stuffed mushrooms, my favorite appetizer of all! I don’t really use a recipe for these, I just cap them and cook a few diced stems with oil and diced onion then add breadcrumbs, then the improvising starts, usually I chop some leftover meat (pepperoni, sausage, deli ham, ect) and add cheese. Then stuff the mushroom caps and bake. The last plate has taco cups, tortilla shells that are cup or scoop shaped with hit taco meat, cheese and a dollop of salsa. That night we watched Ratatoille, which was great!


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