Whats up?

Nothing. We haven’t been doing anything but normal life stuff. We helped decorate a float today for our babysitter and we will be int he Christmas parade tomorrow. The kids are doing well as is Emily. I feel like poopoo. I have been a little not good for several days now. I haven’t been sleeping and over all just feeling like crap. Ive got some other issues so I suspect a doctors visit will be due in the near future.

My mother, despite spending weeks in the hospital, seems to be doing good. Wonder what was wrong with her? Unknown. Im glad shes home again I was worried about her.

We had Jackson’s IEP transition meeting today with a couple people from Scott County school system today. It went well but one of the therapist was a little bitchy. I think she was caught off guard by my wife’s preparedness. The special education girl was funny and was trying to avoid us asking to many questions. I think they are used to parents that don’t know anything and just go along with what they say. The looked a little worried when I ask if I could tape the meeting. I cant remember crap and like the ability to go back on something.


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