Had a Scare Tonight

Jackson fell off the counter and had a seizure or had a seizure and fell off the counter. Either way we went to the ER. 1 catscan 2 shots and 4 hours with no insurance, cant wait ot see that bill. I can joke about it because he is fine. He was seizureing and got a high temperature quickly but all results came back good. He took a nap and woke up fine. He remember our names and wanted to see the moon since it was dark out. Or course all teh family was there so he hugged them all and said “bed”. We got lucky and im glad all the results came out good.

On a side note we found something minorly wrong with his ear in the catscan which is nothing in itself but kinda odd because it matched up with a catscan 1 1/2 years ago. Maybe thats why his speech is delayed…he is having a hard time hearing.


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