The job is going great. I love it and I think ill do fine. It seems that the owner really likes me. Apparently the office manager is a complete dumbass and I think will be fired in the near future. I plan on being knowledgeable enough by that time to take over as Manager of the store.

I dont know what happened but alot of the plants in my garden died. Not a big deal I tilled them in and will do it again next year. I plan on starting off with water beds which will get me a great head start on planting.

We she come or not? Emily has had several contractions all night. Is maggie coming in to this world or not? Im tired of waiting and so is Emily. She has got to be miserable.


One thought on “Life

  1. Congrats on the job. Thanks for letting me know you are writing this. Ain’t no point in doing it if the people who are interested don’t know about. I love blogging. It is a great way for family, friends, strangers, whoever to get to know you.
    Here’s hoping that baby comes very soon.

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