Pretty good weekend. We got out the rest of the baby stuff yesterday and got it cleaned up and ready to go. We also went yard sale shopping and found some baby close and an awesome slide for Jackson. Interesting enough that took most of the day. Today we hung out and did some yard work. Im still trying to teach Jackson to walk down the rows in the garden but he loosing the concept after about ten minutes and started walking across the rows. He hasn’t snapped to many plants but I suspect more will die in the future. He loves it out there and has a great time so who cares if im a few plants short in a row. I actually got a lot of work done on my camper. I needed something to keep my tools dry and dont have the money to go out and buy one of those high dollar fiberglass ones. I did get this old one at almost no cost. It took a few hours modification to make it work but got it all done except for installing the windows front and back. Picture this 1973 camper on this 04 truck. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to. Kinda has that utilitarian look. Ill get more pics of the finished work went I get a camera cord.


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