Thought I had more time

When I posted the last post.

Anywho, it seems like Maggie will be a little on the big side like Jackson was when she is born. Nothing wrong with top heaviness I guess. Everything looked good and it looks like she has a head full of hair, at least, thats what the ultrasoundist said. We had a scare with her a few months ago but I am glad thats cleared up. I wonder how Jackson will handle the new arrival? Every seems to think it will rock his work but I think he will do fine with it. I am going to try extra had to pay alot of attention to him. If he thinks he is getting neglected im sure he will let us know.

The rain stopped thank goodness. Ive got what some people may call a mess going on outside. Ive been collecting materials from random jobs and junk I find. I am selling what I can and scrapping the rest. Scrap metal is high right now.


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