My hair hurts

Does your hair ever hurt? Mine does when it gets long. Maybe its my scalp but seems to me it may be my hair itself. Weird I know.

The weather is crappy. Its been raining on and off the last few days, what a pain. Its been cool to. I dont know about everyone else but im ready for a warm spring or summer. I dont like this hot one day cold the next. Its suppose to rain all week which puts a hurting on my handyman services. There is only so much inside work that people need done.

Time to be my own business man?? Maybe?? I thought about making my own business and calling it Mobile Mechanics. A traveling mechanic would be a good thing I think. Ive had my truck breakdown before and its a pain to get it towed to the shop and get it worked on. Im telling you the idea is good, ill come to you. I know working in driveways sucks in the winter but I still say its a good idea.


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