Maiden voyage left me stranded, amoung other things

I know its ugly. O well what can you do? nothing. I actually have those wheels thrown on there just so I can get it moving. I took it out for test drive after putting it back together. It threw a belt so I ended up having to push it back up to the house. At least I made it 30′ or so. If i have time tomorrow ill try to get it up and going.

You know it seems the only hope i have of getting money is working for myself. Im good at what I do but I dont know if it will be enough to pay the bills. Ive been working for a woman who lives next to my grandmother. Nothing major just alot of little stuff. As it turns out her neighbor came over and noticed what a good job i did re glazing here windows. She wants me to do hers now. I think shes got a window she needs installed as well. Its kind og good knowing im capable of doing something productive. This whole not having a job thing is getting old and has me half way depressed. It will get better son I hope.


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