Well i am still awake. My wife wouldn’t let me go to bed. She MADE me go swimming with our baby. Once I got motivated the pool wasn’t that bad. Quit warm actually. Its been very hot the last few days. I think its suppose to be hat all week. Its almost misrable to do anything outside. My yard is about knee high in places. I might buy a cow as I don’t see it getting mowed in the near future. I tell myself every year that im going to keep the yard mowed. You know I don’t think its ever happened. I guess the curb appeal isn’t much for the house so ive got nothing to work for. Lack of motivation, that’s what it is. Hopefully by spring Ill have some of the outside eye soars fixed. We are talking about refinancing the house but im sure the appraised price will be 5K lower than what it should.


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