This is how stupid my world is…. the first entry has nothing to do with the previously mentioned truck drivers, its an x-employee.

A little history – Back in September A huge company came and bout us out. Thats fine no big deal right? I thinking now we have insurace and nice equipment. Thats all fine and dandy until i go into work one sunday and the manager is there. I ask him why he came in, he said everyone else is gone. GONE, what do yo umean gone? Drug test gone bad I guess. As it turns out we are the only two people left at work. That means 2 of us have to run 8am – midnight 4 days a week and 8-5pm 3 days a week. That wouldnt be to bad except for the roadcalls. OK, ive got it .. ill do the road calls and the manager can handle the shop, well so I thought(I forgot that my manager only had one leg).

We manage for 50 some odd days before we get help. 86 hours a week > great over time but they(corporate) worked me to death. My manager and I were so tired we hire just about anyone that was over 21(insurance reasons) and drug free. @ guys that were friends came in and applied. They seamed like nice guys and willing to work. WRONG, one was good the other, Chance was his name, was about worthless. You know the type, showing up late blah blah blah. Well, several months go on and we are looking for a great reason to fire him. By now he has messed up more than he has fixed truck wise. No luck as corp. policy states you have to do something wrong 3 times to get fired.

One day he came and and said he was running up on the hill( a gas station) to get a drink. Low and behold he never came back. Big Loss, who cares?

A few months later he came buy the shop to talk with one of the other guys. I kicked him out of the shop and told him he wasn’t welcome.
“Why?”, he ask
“Because I’m now the manager and said so”, I said (I’m now the manager because the other manager got caught stealing time{stupid people i tell you})

Anywho, he called the other day and ask if we were hiring,
“Yes we are”
Can I come get an application”
“Why not?”
Because you walked out and are never allowed to for for ******* again”

I figured id never hear from him again. Guess what? I was wrong

He came by the shop today looking for some one. I told him to him nothing changed and he still wasn’t welcome and id be forced to get a restraining order if he came back.

He left.

I just don’t understand how someone could be that stupid. Randomly walk out of a place of employment and come back months later looking for a job like nothing had happened.


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